The easy way to set up your cross-compiler
What's hot?
First release candidate is out, grab it from the download page. And please report all bugs and things you dislike on it, and if possible include ideas for solutions (at least when you tell your opinions).
What is Cross-Dev ?
Cross-Dev aims to be a collection of utils to easily build up a cross-compiler and libraries to use with it. All this is to make the porting of games/programs easier. Common libraries like SDL, ClanLib, wxWidgets and their dependencies are going to be supported soon. If you feel that Cross-Dev is missing support of some library/program, feel free to write it and post it here. The main target is Windows® platforms, but the toolkit will be able to be ran on POSIX systems with BASH. The most basic requirement is that MinGW must be supported on the host system. Further information is found, and questions can be asked in here. Testing and writing more modules would be really welcome. For more information about what's going on behind the scenes from here.
Why Cross-Dev ?
Because creating a working cross compiler toolchain seems to be very hard sometime, and that's very often the reason why some games/programs don't have ports to different platforms. So Cross-Dev is meaned to help the developers in the porting process.
What is supported?
Cross-Dev currently supports: Broken due changes in the module format: And under development: